The Indigo Inn, Charleston

Part of a series of videos showcasing historic Charleston Inns, check out my video for the Meeting Street Inn here.

The Indigo Inn highlights what is for me the most continually fascinating aspect of Charleston’s personality: its intimate and ever-evolving relationship with its own history and its persistent exploration of ways to invite others into that history. The eponymous blue facade and the comforting verbosity of the courtyard made it easy enough to capture the appeal of the inn itself, but its particular charm comes out when you experience just how the space encourages conviviality. Everyone you encounter there, guests and staff, seem so relaxed and open.

Charleston is very much a social city, for which this disarming quality of the Indigo Inn provides a graceful introduction. You could point to the friendly staff, the design of the common spaces, but really that cordiality is in the bones of the place. It reminds me of another of my favorite Charleston spots— another one of these convivial spaces— Fast and French on Broad Street. A perfect afternoon is the lunch special at Fast and French followed by a walk up King Street to wine and cheese back at the Indigo Inn.

Shot on Canon 5D MkIII with Rhino Slider and Manfrotto hardware.
Crew: OldTripod